Careers in Retail Operations

Centralised at our Support offices at Mallusk, our Retail Operations Team support our company owned stores with all business related matters including fresh food development, store operations and commercial matters. 

“The best thing about my role is that I am offered a wide variety of opportunities through my work, facing new and exciting challenging on every project. The relationships I have built has made it possible to overcome and tackle each challenge through other colleagues support and feedback. I get to watch my work contribute to evolving and improving different aspects of the business every day, which to me as a student, is extremely rewarding.”

-Sorcha Higgins, Placement Student

Careers in Henderson Retail Operations include:

  • Retail Operations Director
  • Retail Fresh Food Development Manager
  • Regional Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Commercial Manager
  • Retail Operations Manager
  • Retail Auditor
  • WFM Analyst
  • Commercial Analyst